Organisation of studies

EMRA will be running over 4 semesters, requiring full-time study. The first semester will be devoted to the core course. The second and third semesters will include three modules each – six modules in total. Students will be required to attend the core course and select 6 out of the 8 specialist modules. The core course and the specialist modules will be delivered via an e-learning platform.

Between the 1st and 2nd semester a 10 day seminar will take place for all students. Separate funding from Erasmus may be obtained for this. Between the 3rd and 4th semester the students will do practical work by placement, in order to gather relevant experience for the writing of their Master Thesis. The students will be guided by the University closest to their residence to find a place for practical work. The fourth semester will be devoted to the Masters thesis.

Learning materials will be compiled in an electronic library to be available on the web. All students will have access to the learning materials, as well as to the university library network, utilising the facilities of N. Copernicus University

An Academic Guide has been produced detailing the subjects, credits, requirements of applicants, regulations etc. The Academic Guide can be downloaded here.

EMRA will be conducted in English, including the e-learning modules, the seminar and the Masters thesis.

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